Climate Risk Pty Ltd brings innovative yet accessible analysis to businesses and governments considering how to adapt to climate change and find opportunities in a low carbon economy.  Climate Risk's core strength is addressing complex problems which require new solutions often involving computational modelling.

For climate adaptation, Climate Risk focuses on infrastructure, buildings and people. The company has worked on roads, rail, water, telecommunications and energy. Climate Risk developed one of the world’s first climate risk training packages for general insurance with Zurich Financial Services. The company has also built risk analysis tools to assess building resilience to manifold climate hazards.  The Climate Risk staff are committed to ensuring vulnerable people and groups are not left behind, and so have worked to secure projects for the social services sector to start the process of adaptation.

For emissions mitigation the company focus is on policy analysis, policy development and opportunity identification.  Climate Risk has in-house emission modeling tools which have been used to assist and critique national and international emissions and energy policy development.
Work by Climate Risk for the Telstra Corporation has been used by the United Nation’s ITU. Furthermore the company has worked closely with WWF and other NGOs to develop national and international policy approaches for avoiding dangerous climate change.


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